Outdoor Catering from The Nags Bar and Kitchen

Whether it’s a wedding, a party or a polo match, sometimes events are just best held outdoors, whether that’s in the sunshine or (typical England) the pouring rain. And if your event involves food, you will want an experienced caterer who is used to catering outside.

We’re used to catering outside

At The Nags Bar and Kitchen, we’re used to working outdoors offering a range of themed foods such as BBQ, street food or, in accordance with your preference, we can still tailor a multi-course sit-down meal for you.

Prior to the event, we conduct site surveys and liaise with the site owners to ensure the perfect execution of your outdoor event.

Outdoor catering bespoke to you

We offer more than just a standard menu. With a team of great staff and an absolutely fantastic chef who can create almost anything you require, we can bring the food to your outdoor party that you want. We can create bespoke menus in advance of the event itself to give your guests time to make their choices, or take orders on the day and create them for your outdoor celebration.

Outdoor bar options

Making use of our vintage converted horsebox bars, we can serve drinks of all kinds, from your favourite bottled drinks to fresh cocktails. One thing is for sure; if you are hosting an outdoor event and require a caterer, we have the experience to advise you on all things organisational along the way.

You’re in good hands with us and we will work with you to ensure the perfect delivery of gorgeous food at your event.

Get in touch today to find out more about what we could do for you.