Birthday Party Catering by The Nags Bar and Kitchen

Birthday catering can be difficult; hosting guests, managing present-opening, whatever the age of the birthday boy or girl from children to full-grown adults. That is why we love to help cater for birthday parties; it allows you to spend your time where it matters most, while we take care of the food, drink and general birthday catering services you need.

From kids’ parties to full-grown adult ones, it can be a relief to have the food taken care of by a professional catering company.

At the time of celebrating a loved one’s birthday, whether the birthday boy or girl is a child or a full-grown adult, we understand that your attention needs to be where it matters; with your family and guests. As experienced caterers for birthday parties, you can be confident that we are the perfect company to work with to deliver excellent meals appropriate to your audience.

catering for childrens’ birthday parties

When you’re hosting your child’s birthday party, whether at home or at a designated venue, it can be hard work. That’s why we offer to take the food off your hands so you can focus on party planning, game supervision and your very important role as first-aider.

From finger food to cakes, to themed food and around-the-world dishes, we can create a menu suitable for kids of all ages. Whether you want to give them easy-to-eat party food or encourage them to try new things, we can deliver whatever you require in a timely manner without adding to your responsibilities on the day, making us the perfect partner to work with on the catering for your child’s birthday party.

catering for adult birthday parties

You might think you have less to think about hosting an adult’s birthday party, but whether it’s a classy dinner party or a crazy event, chances are much of your time will be occupied with your hosting responsibilities. Let us take care of the catering for your party, providing a bespoke menu to suit your needs and to suit the theme of your event.

By calling upon the trusty services of The Nags Bar and Kitchen, you can be confident that the birthday party you’re hosting next will have a delicious menu, designed around your needs and budget to leave your guests full and satisfied by some fantastic food.

Contact us for further information and to discuss your birthday party needs.