Starters, canapes and sharing boards explained

Be it a wedding or a 50th birthday party, you will wondering if you should have Canapes or a starter or in fact both! Maybe just simple freshly baked breads and olives with a cold press rape seed oil.

We have a vast range of styles and types of dishes which are great for large groups and wedding breakfasts. Be it sharing platters of cured meats or fish, Individual plates like parfaits or seared scallops.

Canapes do not have to be tinny little bits of smoked salmon on dry pastry.

We can offer vibrant and exciting options, including some fantastic vegan options to!


Location and film catering

Location and film catering across Europe and the UK

Which ever film or just simply a location event being so different we have many options of units, foods and staff to offer. From full set up and break down to just a lunch service. We can susport for days or weeks if needed. Get in touch to see if we can help you.


Dogstival by our friends at Light house media what a cracking day out!

Afraid we cant be at this one as it clashes with a event too far up the country to go between two.

But there will be many of Hampshire’s great food vendors and lots to see and do. And so close to Lymington to!!!! Why not make a weekend of food and drink in the newforest. We would like to wish Dom and her team all the best with this exciting new festival and hope we can come next year .