The Best Food to Serve After Hours

Macaroni Cheese and Other After Hours Food by The Nags Bar and Kitchen

We have all been there, whether it’s an event we’re hosting or attending, and the party goes on into the night. Whether it’s a necessity to soak up some alcohol or a desire to provide an additional energy boost, sometimes having an after-hours option can be a really good idea.

Not too involved and certainly not too heavy, our current After Hours Menu offers:

Bacon sandwiches; Fish finger and Isle of Wight beef tomato sandwiches; Hot dogs with chilli and cheese; Hand cut chips with dipping sauces; Spicy chicken wraps with avocado and rocket; Vegan onion bhajis; Sole goujons and more.

Easy to eat and just as delicious as any main course, these top-ups provide a perfect pick-me-up throughout any event.