What is Street Food?

Street Food from The Nags Bar and Kitchen

Inspired by European street vendors, street food is easy-to-eat, widely diverse food often served in disposable packaging and designed for immediate consumption.

Quashed for a while by the increase in fast-food vendors, street food made a comeback a few years ago, particularly in city centres such as London.

Considered fashionable in line with certain themes, and often spiced and easy to eat, Street Food encompasses the following:

Baked potatoes; Baklava; Jerk chicken; Kebabs; Enchiladas; Pulled pork; Samosas and much, much more.

Having street food available at a party or event is a great idea where there is limited seating but full meals need to be served. Similiarly, events where you are striving for a less formal feel are a great place to serve street food.

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